Technology that Changed the Industry in 2016

In the last year or two the kitchen and bath industry has seen huge strides as far new products that incorporate high-tech features. Here are a few things that we’ve seen changing in the industry.

1. Smart Appliances.

Products such as the June oven that are able to communicate wirelessly check temperature of what your cooking or look up the status of a particular item, is such a great convenience. How would you like to look on your phone when you’re at the grocery store to see if you do infact have a gallon of milk or enough butter? Sub-Zero is even making a refrigerator/freezer that has a built in air Purifier that rids the inside of any mold and bacteria every 20 minutes. Making food safer, easier and faster will help busy family’s eat healthier and save money.

2. Energy Savings.

Not only are appliances continually improving with new technology in energy savings, but lighting is making huge strides. Led strip lights are used in three main applications. Customers are adding lights under the upper cabinets pointing down on the countertop. We also see people using Led’s to light up glass cabinets to illuminate display items. For people that have tall ceilings, we are seeing an increase “up lighting,” where a warm glow reaches and highlights tall ceilings. Adding lighting to the kitchen adds a sense of warmth and glow and we anticipate this segment of the market to grow.

3. Finish on wood products continue to improve.

There is a reason why all the cabinets we sell have a lifetime warranty. It’s the finish! Conversion varnish is a transparent coating applied to the stain color of your choice. It is chemical and moisture resistant and when we bake the finish on it process hardens your cabinetry. As years go on the process gets better and better every year. Check out this video to learn more.

4. Applications for your kitchen remodel.

A few applications seem to helping our clients keep track and improve visitation of their remodels.

a. Pintrest.

We’ve all heard of it. It’s the free app to keep track of and catalog ideas. Find and save design ideas and share them with your partner.

b. Prestige ColorPic.

Don’t just imagine what new color your wall should be. Take a picture and pick the color from a color wheel.

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