Timeline for your kitchen remodel

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    Visualize the end result.

    We would like your input when we begin to design your kitchen. You can make some preliminary decisions even before your first consultation with our designers.

    First, would you like your kitchen to have painted or stained cabinets? What color preferences? Our designers can help you with this decision making process if you don’t already have the details in mind.

    If you have an island, would you like to have it the same finish as the remainder of the kitchen or to have a separate stain or paint color?

    Here are some storage decisions: where do you want to store pots, pans, trash and recycling, silverware, plates and dishes etc.?

    After you have some ideas on the look you want and storage considerations it is time to make a phone call:

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    Call Mark Christopher Cabinets.

    Call to schedule a free design consultation and estimate.

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    Determine the look you want.

    We will need to know your design preferences in order to prepare an initial bid. Traditional, contemporary, modern or “Mountain modern?”

    Together we need to choose the door style, paint or stain colors and take into consideration your counter top color preferences.

    Don’t worry, we can make changes as the design process develops.

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    Consider your Storage and function requirements.

    Help us to design with the storage considerations which are most important to you. Let us know how you want to organize your kitchen. Where do you want to store pots and pans, trash and recycling, silverware, glasses, dishes, cookie sheets and cutting boards? Do you prefer pull out shelves or wide drawers?

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    Together we can choose a cabinet line.

    Together we can choose a cabinet line that meets your needs and your budget.

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    Quartz counter tops are the choice of over 95% of our customers. Why? Price, durability, strength and no-maintenance is needed. Quartz tops offer a wide selection of colors and patterns and offer more consistency in color from one slab to another.

    We offer 4 Quartz counter top lines. Choose from HanStone, Caesarstone, Silestone and Cambria Quartz. Prices vary from one color and pattern to another. When you choose a few of your favorites we will provide you the price for those choices.

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    Appliances, sinks and faucets.

    Decide if you want to keep or replace the following appliances:

    • – Refrigerator
    • – Dishwasher
    • – Sink, faucet, disposal
    • – Range or cook top
    • – Built-in oven
    • – Microwave

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    Flooring and lighting.

    Will you be changing your flooring or will we design with a “foot-print match”? If you are using new flooring we need to know the type and thickness of the flooring.

    Do you want changes in your lighting including lighting under the wall cabinets? Be sure you or your general contractor make any necessary changes in the wiring to accomodate your new lighting.

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    Order cabinets.

    It’s time to order your cabinets and get a delivery date. Once we have answers to the questions listed above we can proceed to order your cabinets. We require a 50% deposit and your signature on our contract and on all cabinet drawings. No changes can be made once your cabinets are ordered.

    Please be sure to read the entire contract. The lead time varies with each cabinet line, within 7 to 10 days of ordering your cabinets we will provide a delivery date. If you are acting as your own contractor, use this date to make other scheduling considerations. If you are hiring a general contractor, we can call them and provide the delivery date.

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    Ready for delivery and installation?

    We can deliver cabinets into your garage or home if you are ready for cabinet installation. Since we do not have storage space available, you must be ready to receive the delivery on the specified date. The homeowner or a person with the approval of the homeowner must be present to sign for the delivery.

    We require half of the cabinet contract price when the contract is signed and the remainder at the time of delivery. Please have a check or cash ready when you receive your delivery of cabinets.

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    Installation of Cabinets.

    We work with experienced cabinet installers. When we present your bid for new cabinets, we will also offer a bid from the installers with whom we have worked in the past. They will provide a separate contract if you choose them for your installation.

    As a word of caution, when home owners or contractors who are not experienced in cabinet installation attempt to install, it is more likely that issues may occur. Just as you use electricians to install wiring, and plumbers to install plumbing fixtures we recommend that you use the experienced cabinet installers we have worked with in the past.

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    Countertops and plywood decking.

    If your counter tops are quartz, tile or granite, they will require plywood “decking.” Our counter top contract states that the recommended installers will install plywood decking on the top of the cabinets. If you choose to use other installers or do not purchase tops from us, then plywood must be provided and installed by them.

    We will schedule a date and window of time for the counter top fabricators to make a “template” for your tops. The home owner or someone empowered by the owners to sign for the tops must be present. Sinks, faucets and appliance specifications must be on-site in order to make the template.

    Normal lead time for template to installation of tops is 7-10 working days. Be sure to keep in mind that special order counter top materials can cause a longer lead time.

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    Installation of appliances, sinks, faucets, flooring and lighting.

    You or your general contractor can take the final steps needed to complete your new kitchen!

    Thank you for choosing Mark Christopher Cabinetry. We hope you will enjoy your new kitchen for years to come!

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