Why choose quartz counter tops?

Over the past 3 years our clients are choosing quartz over granite 90%
of the time
. Here are 4 important reasons people prefer Quartz Counter tops

1. Strength

Quartz is the strongest commercially made counter tops on the market.

2. Maintenance

Quartz counter tops are made from fine quartz crystals so the tops are non-porous. Once you counter tops is polished and installed, you will
never have to seal them.

3. Food Safe

Granite tops are porous and may have small pits and cracks and it is more difficult to keep them clean. Quartz tops are smooth with no cracks and it is easy to keep them germ free.

4. Color and pattern consistency

When you select a quartz counter top pattern and color, you can be assured that your tops will be this color. Granite slabs, even with the same name, can vary considerably in color and pattern. When it is necessary to make a seam on counter tops it is more difficult to make a good match with granite than with quartz.

5. The best brands

We carry the best countertop brands, including Silestone, HanStone, Cambria & Caesarstone.

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